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At what age can children be transported in the trailer ?

You can transport children in the trailer since birth. To do this, you must use special child seats. Since small children and babies are especially sensitive to vibration and shock, you should use a trailer with suspension shock absorber system. Children can usually be transported untill age of 6, but that is dependent on their weight and height. Pay attention to the details of the allowable weight and seat height in each model. Measuring the length of the upper body of the child, please make sure to measure your child while he/she is in a sitting position.

Information about acceptable weight and seat height models Speedkid2, Sportrex1, Sportrex2 click me!

Trailer or child seat mount - which is safer ?

While many parents (solely because of physical proximity) subjectively feel that they can better protect their child while he/she is in a child seat mount, multiple crash tests demonstrated and proven (Center for Technology Alliance, Research and Road Institute (BASt), ADAC), that when the question is about the life and safety of the child, the trailer is preffered over the seat mount .

Provided, of course , that trailer meets certain criteria of quality : stable frame , pen / roll bar , low center of gravity , protection under the seat , 5 - point harness safety with reliable blockade suspension ( do not forget that the presence of shock absorbers is not only comfort , but also reduce the risk of tipping ) and coupling with clutch, which, even in case of an accident /rollover of cyclyst , do not allow the tipping over of a trailer.

Do I need the tools to build a trailer?

Trailer is assembled without the use of tools. With few simple movements and placements, all the parts of the trailer can be attached to the bike with “one-click’’. Only for assembly of baffles and wheels depending on the model the bicycle, you will need an Allen wrench (with quick clamping mechanism of wheels you can get by without the use of tools)

    Installation of the coupling click me!

How to care for children trailer?

Trailer should be cleaned with simple, light detergent and water . Metal parts should be regularly cleaned with a cloth soaked with oil. It is recommended to inspect the wheels with a specialist once a year. To prevent fading of the material in the sun (natural precess) , we recommend the use of an awning – capes (drapes) from durable and waterproof material.

What to do in a raid mildew and how can I prevent it’s formation?

To remove mold it is enough clean the trailer with clean cloth with detergent on alcohol-based (can be bought in pharmacy) . It is strongly recommended that you replace area that is clearly unwashable and not curable from mild. Mold is reliably prevented by regular cleaning, ventilation and dry storage.

What are the differences between a trailer with and without suspension?

Trailers with suspension are particularly well suited for transport of infants and younger children . The presence of shock absorbers is not only comfort , but they also reduce the risk of tipping over , provided by the proper setting of the child's weight or road conditions . There was a popular belief that trailer’s without suspension are lighter. That information is not up to date. All of our trailers are modern and are fully made of aluminum which makes them absolutely light.

 Does my child have to wear a helmet?

TÜV (German Technical Supervision Agency) advises to wear a helmet while in the trailer.

Can I use trailer in any weather?

Numerous accessories can help to optimize the use of a trailer in any weather. For example rain cover that will protect from moisture or from the sun.

Can I use trailer with an open top?

We strongly recommend not to use an open-top trailer. When there is an open top stones and other foreign bodies from bicycle wheels or other road users can get into the trailer. This can be especially dangerous for a child.

How hard and how long does it takes to "transfer" from trailer mode to "carrige"?

It can be achieved in few simple and easy steps , without the use of tools ! Lower drawbar under the trailer, (coupling remains on the bike ) , insert the front wheel and secure it . Done!

My trailer doesn’t steer clear, what to do?

If trailer doesn’t steer clear, then it may indicate wear on the tires , which should be regularly aligned and adjusted . For more information , refer to the accompanying instructions :

       Instructions Model Speedkid2, Sportrex1, Sportrex2 click me!

What to consider when using trailer in the dark ?
When using trailer in the dark or in poor visibility conditions , the importance of additional light and indication is crucial. Our trailer usually come with reflectors . The single trailer needs an additional rear light. The double trailer need light in front and back. Additional light accessories are available in accessories section or in any hardware store.

 In which cases do I need a trailer with aluminum bottom?
It all depends on your preference! Easy, flexible bottom (assuming, of course, that the bottom is protected by the frame!) Is ideal for jogging , walking and traveling. We recommend trailers that have an additional protective plate (besides " fabric " ) and frame for added security. If you want to use the trailer for transportation of goods, in this case, we would recommend to obtain a trailer with aluminum bottom. It is safe and easy to use.

Can I take trailer in the car?
Trailers are compact and very simple and easy to fold and unfold, making it simple  for transportation in the trunk.

What to do with the front wheel?

Front wheel, you can leave at home or (if you're on the road) put in the back pocket / glove compartment of the trailer.

Can rusting occur?

Trailer frame is entirely made of rust-proof aluminum. All screws and nuts are made ​​of chrome steel and should be regularly cleaned with a cloth soaked in oil and stored in a dry place.

What to keep in mind before each use?

Before every use you should: a) check the correct assembly of the wheels and the tow / drawbar and coupling with the bike b) tire pressure ( from 1.7 to 2.4 bar) ) must not exceed the maximum load d) if the seat belts are secured  .


Which model suits your needs!


Do you have a child?

Do you value maneuverability and handling?

You want to fit through any supermarket checkout? (Width 77cm)

You value a lighter overall weight?

Then the Sportrex1 is the right choice for you! We generally recommend the Sportrex1 if you have just one child, so you have more fun on the road!


You have one or two children?

You want to remain flexible?

Mostly only one child will ride?

You need to fold up the trailer every day?

You value a very small pack size? (30 x 60 x 110 cm)

You want a panoramic roof?

You need more space for luggage?

Then the Speedkid2 is the right choice for you! Although it is designed as a two-seater, it only has an overall width (from wheel to wheel) of 89 cm and is suitable for both the entrainment of one or two children.


You have one or two children?

Mostly two children will ride?

You value the fact that both children have a bit more space?

You need more storage space?

Then the Sportrex2 is the right choice for you! With its spacious interior, larger children enjoy more comfort in the trailer.



No matter which model you choose, all models are supplied with the following features: A foot parking brake, ease of use in setting up and dismantling through the FX-folding system, a spacious foot room and the ability to use as a stroller. Your kids are well protected in a Qeridoo trailer not only in a crash, but also in all weather conditions.

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